Join the choir and sing with us. Season details will be posted here soon.

Auditions are available until October 19th to sing Messiah, and then in January 2022 for the balance of the season.

Auditions are held at Fine Arts Building, Rm 1-29, UofA.

Contact us to book an audition.

The audition is comprised of the following pieces:

  1. Presentation of a song of your choice: This can be anything (2-3 minutes long) from the classical repertoire such as an aria, an art song, a hymn, or other selection reflecting your voice to best advantage. It does not have to be memorized.  We will provide accompaniment. Please present a copy of your selection for the RES pianist at the time of the audition.  We do not accept an outside pianist or an audio tape.
  2. Sight reading test: A simple classical score will be provided. You will be required to sing the score with piano accompaniment.
  3. Hearing acuity test: The piano plays 3-5 random notes while you listen and then sing them back.
  4. A series of scales: This serves to identify your range so that the appropriate section can be assigned.


The Songsters are a small group of choristers who perform concerts (often free) for senior’s homes and the like at Christmas and all year round. Contact us to make a booking, we will work with your budget.

Up Close & Personal

The Educational Outreach program, Up Close & Personal,  offers free events to students and educators to meet with the musical leadership of the choir along with the soloists for a specific performance, eat pizza, drink juice and coffee, and watch the dress rehearsal. This behind-the-scenes experience enhances understanding and enjoyment of the music for young singers and musicians. Sign up to be added to our mailing list for advance notice of upcoming events.

Many thanks to our sponsor the Garneau Community for making this event possible

and to Long & McQuade for draw prizes


For more than forty years RES has funded an undergraduate scholarship in Vocal Performance at the UofA, currently in the amount of $3,000 annually.

RES added a Choral Assistantship Program to their community involvement in 1990. The program provides experience and financial support for a UofA Grad student in choral conducting each year.